Disable autoresize of tabs (package) when opening a lot of files



Is there a way to customize the tabs (package) behaviour, via stylesheets, to disable the autoresize of tabs? So, when you have a lot of files opened?

Instead of this:

I’m looking something like this:


The navigator/chevron/popop from Sublime/Smultron images, I guess would need coding, but at least keep the entire name of the file on the tab would be great.

Thanks in advance

File name display in tabs?

You could set a min-width in css on the tab (put this in your ~/.atom/styles.less):

.tab-bar .tab {
  min-width: 150px;

Also not completely what you want, but the file-icons and file-type-icons packages are really helpful in identifying the contents of a tab.


Thanks, it helps a lot! :+1:

Now I have to find a package (or try to write one) to add the navigator/chevron/popup :smile:.

Ah, and about the packages that you mentioned, I’m already using file-icons and it is really a timesaver…