Disable all OS dialog boxes


Is there a way in Atom (OS X) to disable ever using the OS dialog boxes for open/save/add folder to project etc. I’m an emacs refugee, and when coding I would much rather have file locations specified from the keyboard in the minibar.


You can use the advanced-open-file package. It lets you open files and folders via a small modal at the top of the editor. It supports the option to create files and folders directly if they do not yet exist, thereby bypassing the OS dialog boxes.


@Alchiadus thanks for your suggestion. I have installed that package, but it would be nice to have it override somehow the dialog boxes so I can use the standard shortcuts (e.g. if you try and save a new file).


I haven’t tested this, but you should be able to override the default OS open command in your keymap.cson, like this:

  'cmd-o': 'advanced-open-file:toggle'