Directx C++ with electron


I am trying to create a dektop app using electron. It consists of two windows. One window contain the html and javascript functions while the other shows the 3d object rendered by the DirectX files. I managed to show both windows, however, when the window showing the 3D object shows, I can not use the HTML window because DirectX uses an infinite loop to render the 3D object.
Is there a way around this or is it impossible?


How do you render directx files in HTML?
Can you also check if you see CPU consumed by the main process?


I still can not show a Direct3D object in a HTML-GUI. That is what I want to do. And yeah the CPU is consumed.


If you are using Windows, can you use process explorer an tell if you have one or several processes, and which one is having the directx loop ?

What you’re looking for is technically possible. I’m not familiar with electron but it should be possible from there.

Usually (WPF at least), one window has one process, and you can have several threads per process. Can you have the directx loop in a thread (or task) and detach it ? so the execution continues with the father thread.