Different plugin channels/branches


Atom should have a way to subscribe to different plugin channels. (alpha, beta, stable)

There are some plugins that i would like to know that they work before updating them, but plugin creators don’t have any way to beta test the updates without asking people to manually installing the updates before they are published. And users have no way to tell if an update will break their workflow or rollback to a stable version if an update does break

There should be a way to publish a package and allow plugin creators to publish to alpha, beta, stable channels so they can get feed back from alpha and beta subscribers and stable subscribers to know that this has been tested by more than just the plugin creator and unit tests.


Atom already has support for installing packages from a GitHub URL. This covers your scenarios without needing a bunch of extra infrastructure.


Incorrect. If you have a local repo that’s linked into your .atom/packages, all you have to do is check out the tag of the latest stable version and reload Atom.


@leedohm Yes but then you still have to update packages installed from git repos manually. Atom won’t notify you of an update to the git repo.

@DamnedScholar I am not talking about linked packages. There is no way to rollback to an earlier version of a package installed through the package manager and still get notified when another update comes along


This is inaccurate, though perhaps that feature hasn’t made it all the way out to Stable yet. I get notifications to update Git-installed repos often.

This is also inaccurate. There is no method to roll back to an earlier version of a package in the Settings View, that is correct. The apm utility allows you to install any published version of a package by using apm install <package>@<version>. You can find it in apm help install.


Will Atom still alert you when another update is available?


You are correct Atom will notify whenever there are newer commits on a package installed via a git repo.

Where is this documented? Maybe we just need to get the word out that this exists so people can install packages from a beta branch if they would like to be beta testers. And get package developers to realize the benefit of getting people to be beta testers. And create a way for Atom to make it as easy as possible to do so.

I feel like we are going through the same stages with packages/plugins that we did with software. It used to be that companies would test software only internally then release it and hope they didn’t miss any edge cases. Now companies are starting to realize the benefit of beta (even nightly) releases. I don’t see why those benefits wouldn’t be the same for packages.