Different collors for methods and attributes


How can I make methods and attributes have different colors from their parent? I managed to do that on sublime and vscode, but didn’t work on atom, even after I try several different themes.



Whether or not nested entities are capable of being highlighted is determined by the language package. If there’s a rule that matches for [ and ] and applies some class or other to everything inside the array, then it’s possible to highlight it differently. If you give me the exact name of the language package, I can take a look to see if a rule like that is there.

Now, highlighting in Atom is going to change in the future months, using a new method that actually builds a syntax tree. When that happens, it might be easier for an end user to give different colors to differently nested levels of code.


I am using python and django.


Like I said, I need the exact name of the language package, the lowercase, hyphenated name you see when you look at it in the package search feature (either in Atom or on the web site).