Difference between Atom and DataGrip [VeryNewbie]


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*Sorry about this basic fundamental question.

I’m very new to this type of environment with text editors and so forth. I’m semi familiar with Eclipse, and I’m starting to delve into more sophisticated DBMS environments. So I have a very basic question about Atom; because I might use DataGrip as my DBMS API.

But, at the end of the day, what’s the difference between Atom and DataGrip?

I understand that Atom is text editor, DataGrip does that as well. So, what’s the difference? Are they both used for different things?

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DataGrip is a database IDE. It costs money and has a very specific purpose of serving people who work with large amounts of data and need to run a lot of queries.

Atom is a code editor with almost no language-specific features built in. It has highlighting and some autocompletion and everything else is the Wild West. There are many community packages for a wide variety of languages and work environments, so Atom can be used for just about everything, but it doesn’t specialize at anything unless someone takes the time to build it into an IDE-like setup (like Nuclide, PlatformIO, and Juno). It’s also free and open-source.


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My apologies for the lag. Work has been crazy busy. Thank you for your explanation, it really cleared things up for me.

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