Did Atom have code expower function like php designer ? Plz help me


I am using Atom on OSX, its really awesome code editor with many packages and themes supported. I love it, but i have a questtion with Atom, i did use phpdesign 8 on windows before, and i see it have featured function, its code explower, with this function i can see all function, class, varrible…in php file. I have screenshot for you

to understand i mean. So can u help me how to use this function on Atom or what package can do similar which i need. That all, thanks for reading, i want to say i love Atom


No, Atom doesn’t have a built-in tree-view-style code explorer like in the screen shot. I also don’t know of a package that provides one, though there may well be one available that I haven’t seen. You’d have to check https://atom.io/packages.


Thanks for answer, i have just found this package have my required

I think it helpful for other peple.