Dialog opened by showOpenDialog doesn't show Network locations on Windows


i opened a windows explorer by dialog.showOpenDialog method, it didn’t show the network dirvers on my computer. But when i used atom(the text editor) to open a file, the network drivers came out. Am i doing this wrong? How can i make it behave just like atom ?


What are you expecting from this post? You haven’t shown us anything about what you’ve tried. Does searching the Atom codebase not help you?

For future reference:


Apologize for being unprecise. Beg your pardon if i am not expressing myself clearly since my english isn’t so good.:sob:
This is my code.

openDialog: function() {
        this.$electron.remote.dialog.showOpenDialog({properties: ['openFile', 'multiSelection', 'createDirectory']})

I have skimmed through the atom source code, but couldn’t found the difference from my code. Haven’t got the answer on Google either. I just wonder why the dialog opened by atom can show the Network locations on my computer(Windows) while my app can’t.


the network location:


Thanks for adding more information! I can’t actually help, but now people who can have something to work with.

Could you please link to where you saw it in Atom? In GitHub, click the relevant line number, open the ... menu and click Copy permalink. Pasting this here will let people know where to look, and what you’ve seen.