Development pace of atom slowing down?


It seems that atom is losing momentum for a while , it still very very active but not as active as it used to be before.
Part of it is due to project become maturing ?
But at electron front it have huge momentum (as electron is a lot more viable for business?)

Below is the comparison of development paces of atom ,vscode, nuclide and electron.


Atom is losing momentum since April. Is github restructuring and management redirection effecting Atom?


Microsoft seems to be very very passionate on VSCode, it is a shame that it is not a fork of atom, only a few atom features are used , and not possible to merge with atom at all.


Facebook is also very very passionate with their Nuclide , and advancement of React seems to contributing very well. Plus side is it brings mercurial integration and many nice stuff to atom.


It seems that all development efforts are now in Electron. Due to the rise of interest in commercial applications . It seems that development direction is shifting to Electron.

Weather focus for atom, stormy days ahead?


GitHub isn’t restructuring Atom and there is no less of a commitment to Atom. We’ve had a few people out on parental leave. They’ve just gotten back and are getting into the swing of things again :grinning:

You also fell victim to Betteridge’s Law of Headlines: Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word “no.” :wink:


very good to know then. I saw business insider article on github :

Congrats to new fathers and mother of Atomic Babies! More contributors for the future generations! :smile:


I clarified my earlier statement about restructuring. Yes, some things are changing within GitHub, that’s not a secret. Whether or not one would call it a “restructuring” is a matter of opinion.

There’s no less of a commitment to Atom though.


Parental leave make sense as drop in commits for 2 months. We will see the rise soon!


They are new parents, productivity doesn’t return for another 1-3… decades. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, the graphs have much different time scales, it is hard to do a comparison with that. Oh, and vertical scales too.


ahha :smiley:

You see smooth graphs. There are very very frequent commits there.