Development, abilities, popularity


Hi, i looked into VS Code 's extensions and found their access to the program’s components to be verry limited, that brought me to question about why Atom does not takes the VS Code 's place, counting it’s moddability and ease to use ,it should be the first in line code editor / code editor>[here]<IDE.
Just on my look, it can take such position by being upgraded to:

  • fix the large files issue !,
  • get built-in build,debug,breakpoints,’{scripts to execute on code/text} toolbox’ functionalities,
  • get some meaningful additions like: {something similar to VS Code 's “codelens”}, toolbars, menu/s manager/s (to control commands presents in menus/toolbars), additional {ergonomic, often used} controls in the interface;

I realize that Atom may not be planned to be such large project, but i’m sure its not only me who prefer to use 1 editor for everything than 2-3 programs for Coding related tasks ( Atom for comfort and fast developing, VS Code for debugging,editing,building … (since VS Code on MS’s manner heavily limited in customization) ).

I would appreciate information about Atom and the functionalities i’ve listed 's development/planning status and any related notes in this thread.

Thanks for attention.