Developing on Windows and OS X


I use both Windows and OS X for development and Dropbox to sync files. Is it possible to have electron set up to run under both OSs?

I did the quick start steps on my Mac, and it worked flawlessly but obviously downloaded the OS X version of electron. When I moved to Windows I had to ‘npm uninstall electron’ and then ‘npm install electron’ for it to get the Windows binaries.

It worked fine, but this is pretty unmanageable in the long term.

I’ve looked at the ‘electron-download’ package which I think may be able to do what I need, but I thought I’d check if there was a proper known solution first.



I think you’ll face similar troubles using electron-download that way.

You’d be better off using something like GitHub to manage your development across both platforms, then you only need to npm install once on each platform.


Thanks! Sorry for ignoring your reply, I assumed I’d have to do something like that.