Developing atom package: how to install other packages?


Hey guys I’m new to

I realized the moment I tried to setup meteor.js with, that is vastly superior editor. Me trying to reinvent the wheels by creating a code editor in meteor.js just doesn’t make sense. I was impressed by the package selections.

I want to automatically install packages that will be required for my package.


By “required for my package” do you mean for developing with meteor? All I can recommend is to search for packages with the “meteor” keyword. Go to and click on “packages”.

There has been talk about having recommended bundles but nothing has happened yet. For one thing the packages are changing constantly. Also, who would you trust to pick out the packages for you?


There have been some packages that had other packages as a dependency and installed them when they were first launched, but I can’t remember which ones they were. I’ll get back at you if I do, but maybe in the meantime someone else knows of one?