Developing a Package (Ruby Gem Checker)


Dear GitHub and Atom community,

I am a final year computer science student at the University of Portsmouth.
As part of my final year project I am developing an Atom package that will provide visual alerts and information regarding Ruby Gems.
My intention is to provide visual warnings regarding when new gems are available, when a gem is significantly out of date and provide information regarding each gem and their compatibility with specific versions of Ruby and Rails.

I was wondering if any member of the Atom community would be interested in this project, and perhaps help me to develop a specification and requirements that might be useful to Ruby and Ruby on Rails developers. If any members might also be interested in testing my project while it is in development, please feel free to let me know.

Any advise regarding developing and testing Atom Packages, especially Ruby and Ruby on Rails related packages, would also be appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Jamie Cleare