Developer tools opens with bugged view upon reload


It happens every time, I’m not using the react editor, it could be a plugin. But the view does not have any functionality, and the close button does not work either. I have to go into the view menu to close it by toggling it.


Can you reproduce this when launching via atom --safe?


I cannot, I suppose this means that it has to do with a rogue plugin?


It is most likely a third-party plugin, yes.


Tracking down this plugin is going to be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also tried with two / three panes just to make sure it wasn’t that.


Have you found the plugin? I have the same problem.
I see that I use the same UI Theme: Seti.


With this flag the dev tools is hidden properly :slight_smile:


I found the plugin that is causing this errors on my case

Is I will create a new issue on his repo! :slight_smile: