Developer setup?


So i was reading all docs how to setup my machine for coding. Unfortunately it still seems to load all files from the asar file and in that i can’t have hot-module reloading or similar. I did run it via atom --dev -f.

I guess I am doing something wrong, or do you really run the build-chain and then re-open the binary to see your code changes? Or how do you work on that core files?

I am interested to set it up right for core code, not packages.


Clone the core packages you want to work on into ~/.atom/dev/packages. Then when you run in dev mode it will prefer those over the asar versions.


awesome, thanks Mark!

Are there any other tricks known yet regarding module-reloading/file-watcher,… ? I mean restarting the entire app makes little fun when coding.


I mean restarting the entire app makes little fun when coding.

It is possible to restart just one app. I don’t remember the package that does this. You can use my package package-cop to turn any on and off. Be warned that the UI is pretty weird.

There is one warning though. Because developers don’t test restarting they often have bugs in either unloading or reloading. When I was working on package-cop I posted a lot of bug reports on repos but they were all ignored since it doesn’t affect normal usage.


thanks a lot, Mark. Gonna try that. I actually have my own little AMD based framework which reloads modules on file-change on triggers some standard API like onReloaded. I just did hope atom has something similar.

Enjoy you sunday,


since we’re already almost there, a ‘package’ finally has then fully implemented life-cycle methods like unload/load/enable etc? Lets say, at least enough to make the package reload per file change pretty easy, right?


Not sure. May need to give it a keystroke, I’ve never actually used that package and I didn’t use mine for development reloading.


found this here :