Develop core atom coffeescript source


Is there a way to set up atom to develop the core coffeescript files from src ( for example)? I would like to debug changes to these files without having to rebuild atom. ‘apm link’ and ‘apm develop’ does not seem to handle this case.


The level of interactivity you’re talking about, and emacs-like self-knowledge (documentation, auto-completion, and source-code for emacs functions/variables available at your fingertips everywhere in a very fluid way) is the main thing keeping me away from full time atom use.

It would be great to point to a bit of coffee script and find the source-code that created that function or object, or read the documentation about it and it’s api, just like you can in emacs. It makes for a pretty amazing development experience.


I’m sure a package could do this. Atom is young. These things will come.