Devangari problems with selection and cursor position


Atom has a problem in dealing with Devanagari, in that the cursor position does not always reflect the actual position if there is some Devanagari text in the current line. Same goes for selecting within lines containing Devanagari.

I can also see that Atom renders Devangari as fully formed Devangari with half-forms, conjuncts (ligatures), and so on. For an editor I would much prefer the Sublime Text approach, where Devanagari text is treated as a string of characters with no attempt to render half-forms, conjuncts, and do the other advanced OpenType compositing features. Instead the text is rendered the way it is typed, which is much much easier to edit.


It would be most helpful if you could include repro steps with sample text that displays the problems you mention.


It seems like your issues may be similar to this one:

in that it may be that some fixed-width fonts still have non-fixed-width glyphs for some character sets. It is a known issue that Atom does not yet support proportionally-spaced fonts.


Here is some sample text that borks Atom:

<span class="Glyphs">NO LANG ‘रृ’ “रॄ” ल- लृ–!!!???,.</span></span></br>

(Try here to select the ??? and delete them…)

<span class="ModelNorthern">रृ रॄ ल लृ लॄ ऌ ॡ </span></b>

(Try here to select the Devanagari characters and delete them…)

Also try to paste those strings into Sublime Text and see how ST renders the Devanagari as full-forms + halants/virama + matras in sequential order, which I would prefer.

Because the monospaced fonts we use often do not have Devanagari, the Devanagari is rendered in a proportional fall-back font. If you did as in Sublime Text you could force the advance-width of all the Devanagari glyphs to be the same as the default monospaced font. That way you could preserve monospaced text and get around the whole – very thorny – issue of mixing in complex non-latin scripts in a monospaced environment.

Just an idea, so up to you to find out if that would actually be a way to go.


Hello guys. I note that you have partially fixed the issue in 0.140, but it’s still not perfect. Take this example line:

<span style="word-wrap: break-word">क ख ग घ ङ च छ ज झ ञ ट ठ ड ढ ण त थ द ध न प फ ब भ म य र ऱ ल ळ व श ष स ह क़ ख़ ग़ ज़ ड़ ढ़ फ़ य़ ॹ ॻ ॼ ॾ ॿ</span><br><br>

If you try to select it with the mouse, from the end towards the beginning of the line, then the last br> is not selected.

If you select the Devanagari text and press delete, then you end up with this:

<span style="word-wrap: break-word">pan><br><br>

(notice the missing </s in the closing span tag).


Would you mind reporting this as a bug and linking it back here? The more information you can give, the better.


Where do I report a bug? Can’t find that info anywhere.


You can report bugs for Atom Core at:


Install the bug-report package and you can post issues directly from Atom. And it fills in all version information for your system.


Wow. That is so neat and awesome I get the feels. Thanks!


Well, spoke too soon. I generated a token, but I just get an error msg:

Error posting to GitHub repo

Not Found  404  Not Found  [object Object]


That is an error logging in. Thy give a 404 instead of 403 for security reasons.

I just tested by creating a new token and using it. Had no problem.

Try again and be careful to follow the instructions at Once you get it to work it will store the token and you shouldn’t have any more problems.

EDIT: I just realized we never tested atom/atom which is kind of dumb since it is the default. There may be special security there.

I’ll test there now. I hate to bother them but oh well …


I just sent a report to atom/atom using a newly generated token and it worked. Please try again.


Sorry, couldn’t get it to work. Same issue as first time around. Instead I posted it as an issue under the Atom/Atom using the web-interface.


Could you please start an issue on the bug-report repo and include appropriate info? We need this to work. Thanks.


Have opened an issue here: