Dev mode - editing a theme does not update on save


I followed the instructions for creating an Atom UI theme, and after creating the git repo and the symlink I opened the theme folder by CDing into it and typing atom --dev .

Atom opens the folder in dev mode (I get the red/clear square in status bar).

However, make edit, save, nothing. I still need to reload view. Am I misunderstanding how it’s supposed to work?

This is .204 on Mac 10.10.4


You use the dev-live-reload:reload-all command to reload the styles of dev packages.


that throws a js error:


Not sure if it makes a difference, but does it work if you open in dev mode from the menu: View > Developer > Open In Dev Mode…

Also, how did you symlink your theme? If you go to the settings/themes, do you see your theme at the end under “Development Themes”? If not, you can try with symlink it to be used in dev mode:

Run apm link --dev to symlink your repository to ~/.atom/dev/packages


The UI package has to be in the .atom folder that is located in your home folder.
And the Theme has to be applied to the atom editor.