Detect repeated key hits


Hi there :wave:

Is there any way that I can listen to global key strokes as a kind of shortcut?

I want to make an app for Mac OS X.

  • It does not have active window on launch, and does not appear on the dock.
  • Instead, it shows little pretty icon on menu bar so that users can access configurations or close the app.
  • The window will only show up when the user presses certain keys.

Imagine an app just works like Divvy.

The different thing here is though, instead of registering global shortcuts consisted of modifier keys and a β€˜real’ key meant to be pressed together, I want to use a key combo; shift, command, and shift again, quickly.
I really like how Webstorm shows search window when I double tab shift key, and want to try similar thing myself.

Is it possible and okay to do?