Detailed version/configuration information for setup and packages


When an error occurs (at least in the beta) a window pops up asking if you want to create a github issue, and it lets you copy a chunk of text that describes your current configuration, settings, version info, etc. Is there a way to access this without an error occurring? If not, it seems like this would be a really nice feature to have!

An example from the error report:

**Atom Version**: 1.9.0-beta0
**System**: Mac OS X 10.11.2
**Thrown From**: Atom Core

[... stack trace and command removed ...]

### Config

  "core": {
    "allowPendingPaneItems": false,
    "audioBeep": false,
    "disabledPackages": [
    "ignoredNames": [
    "openEmptyEditorOnStart": false

Installed Packages



atomic-emacs, v0.9.1 (active)
file-watcher, v0.4.0 (active)
language-cython, v0.3.0 (active)
language-restructuredtext, v0.16.0 (active)
linter, v1.11.11 (active)
[ … ]


No dev packages


The feature in Atom is based off of my bug-report package. You can use it to get some of the same information in a similar format.


Thanks @leedohm, this looks like exaclty what I wanted - but it just keeps telling me (for packages):

* Could not determine apm version information


I’m not sure what you’re asking or where that error is coming from?



I can’t replicate that behavior using Atom v1.10.0-dev-b702a09 on Mac OS X 10.11.5. Is the apm utility accessible on the PATH on your machine?


Hmm, no I can’t. The command line tools have been installed, but only apm-beta is in /usr/local/bin.


You probably need to install the non-Beta command line tools then.