Desperately don't want to switch back to Sublime, please help


Hey guys, I have been using Atom for over a year after switching from Sublime 3 (via Brackets) as a mobile and front end developer. I love Atom to pieces, but I am just losing too much time battling some slowdowns with Atom that for the sake of my job means I am going to have to switch back to Sublime.

I was hoping before doing that I could get some help on just how to debug the causes of the following things that are making me lose so much time in a typical working day.

I run into these issues on two seperate i7 laptops with 8GB ram but no SSD drive.

  • Painfully slow startup time, including when switching projects (not fast switching). To give you an idea, below is my timecop on a cold startup:

  • When my code has links in them, such as JSON config files and the like, if I click anywhere near that link, the IDE will freeze for at least 10-15 seconds, as though it is trying to follow the link or something. I have tried going through plugins thinking one of them is the cause, yet to find it, anyone else experience this?

  • Minified files - I know this is an ongoing issue tracked on GitHub, but has anyone got a workaround for the IDE freezing for at least 20-30 seconds when accidentally selecting a minified file in the tree and it being previewed?

  • IDE freeze on first save after cold boot - Whenever I need to do the first save of a file after newly opening a project, the IDE will freeze for around 10 seconds. Only happens on the first save of the day so to speak.

Really, REALLY don’t want to switch back to Sublime, as Atom is brilliant otherwise, and would completely contradict my view on the future of web technologies in JavaScript as a tool with my dev team :wink:

Just need to understand the process of debugging these issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!


has anyone got a workaround for the IDE freezing […] when accidentally selecting a minified file in the tree […]?

I don’t know what to do about the performance issue. Programs like Vim also slow down for me when opening files with very long lines. But if you don’t need to look at those files, then you could add them to your .gitignore file, so they don’t show up in the Atom file tree sidebar.

  • It looks like remote-ftp could be the cause of some of this, with it’s 15 seconds of activation time. Have you tried disabling that and seeing what happens?
  • Regarding the links: Have you tried disabling the language-hyperlink package?
  • Minified files: There is work being done on this that may bear fruit in a couple of versions, keep an eye on the Atom blog for updates.
  • Regarding slow first save: Have you tried the diagnose runtime performance instructions in the Atom Flight Manual?


Thanks for the great tips, I’ll run through one by one and see if any of these cause the issue. The hyperlink package sounds like the culprit for the links issue but I will confirm and report back.