Desktop Shortcuts for Projects?


Hi all,

Been using Atom for a while and very impressed. But usually I will have five or six projects on the go at a time, and Atom’s default behaviour when it starts up is to open up the most recently close project window.

Something I would really love is an option to stick a handful of shortcuts on my desktop so that when I open them Atom opens to the related project rather than the most recently closed one. Alternatively, a single Atom shortcut that opens up with a dashboard showing all my projects (or projects which I’ve previously pinned to it).

Anyone know of anything that would enable this kind of behaviour?



You haven’t stated which operating system you’re using, so there’s no universal answer.

On Windows its trivial to add parameters to a shortcut.

  1. Create a shortcut to Atom and place it on your Desktop
  2. Right click the shortcut, select Properties
  3. Append the project-path to the contents of the Target field

On macOS it’s probably easiest to create an Automator workflow that runs a shell script.

On Linux it will depend on your window manager. I’m sure you’ll find hundreds of websites explaining the process.