Desktop apps meaning for Electron



I am novice user for Electron and working with .NET Windows Forms app for last few years. Now just came to know about Electron which says that we can develop Desktop apps. Just need to know, how these Desktop apps are similar to .NET’s windows forms apps. So, these are something else.


In your subject, you mention Atom but in the body of your message you mention only Electron. Are you asking about Atom, the text editor, or Electron, the application framework?

If you’re asking about Electron, have you watched the introduction video from the Electron website?


Hi Lee,

Thanks for your response. I have gone through with the introduction video and yes I am considering Electron but I am seeking answer in relevance with Windows Forms type apps, which is not much clear with the introduction video.

Please help



Applications based on Electron are similar to forms built using .NET Windows Forms in that they’re both built on top of a framework that makes building desktop applications easier. Other than that, they’re pretty different. Windows Forms applications use Windows Forms for building a native desktop UI. Electron apps use HTML and CSS to build a more free-form UI. Windows Forms applications are not, to my recollection, cross-platform. Electron applications are cross-platform. Windows Forms applications are built using the .NET Framework and its libraries. Electron applications are built using JavaScript and the Node module ecosystem via

I hope that helps!