Design patterns inside Electron application


Hey all, I’m kinda new to Electron, so I have a few, rather stupid for some of you, questions.

Before Electron I started reading about design patterns, I have done a few C# programs, to learn how to write well-structured code and right way to solve problems.
My topic questions are:

-All of main design patterns can be used in Electron? (23 of them from GoF design patterns guide)
-Maybe there are some limitations for certain patterns or maybe they are a little bit different?
-Maybe there are commonly used design patterns by Electron community.

I have read GoF design patterns from
Sorry for my English skills, it’s not my native language.

Big thanks for answers from Junior programmer.


The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is that design patterns are intended to, in the authors’ own words, “describe simple and elegant solutions to specific problems in object-oriented software design”. They were intended to be applicable anywhere object-oriented software design is used. JavaScript isn’t strictly an object-oriented language, though you can simulate it with its prototypal-inheritance system. This means that some patterns are going to be less or more useful or have to be changed to make more sense.

None that are documented as well as the GoF book :grinning: But some of the applications built on Electron are open source (including Atom), so you could take a look at them and see how they did things.


Thanks for the answer. I will try to take a look at other people aplications.