Deprecation Warnings


Hello, I just fired up Atom for the first time this morning and it seems very cool so far. I have a few quick questions if anyone could clarify for me:

Is there any way to hide the deprecation warning triangle in the bottom-right? It’s seemingly an eyesore and distracting when there is nothing I can do about developers not updating their packages. Just an option to hide would be very helpful.

Thanks for your help and consideration!


You could just disable the package completely by going to the Settings View, finding the package in the list and clicking the Disable button.

But there are things you can do … you can open the Deprecation Cop View, find deprecations for your packages and click the “Create Issue on Repo” link:


Well, I don’t want to disable the package completely! Every package I have installed is throwing workspace deprecations. I assume the API has changed recently and most packages aren’t up to date, (this may be wrong, but it would be strange if the six packages I have installed were all throwing the same error :slight_smile: ) so in the meantime I just wanted to hide the notification.


There’s probably some CSS that you can use to hide the indicator.


I will take a shot at that. Thanks!


Alternatively, though decidedly not recommended, you could simply disable the deprecation cop package:

If it really bothers you that much.


You can put this in your styles.less:

.status-bar .deprecation-cop-status {
  display: none;


I just got done figuring this out myself, thank you though! I went with:

.deprecation-cop-status {
   visibility: hidden;

in order to stop any layout problems being caused from lack of the element. thanks all!


I prefer this actually:

.status-bar .deprecation-cop-status.text-warning {
  color: inherit;

As it changes the color of the icon to the color of the surrounding icons, making it stand out a bit less.


I like it! Thanks :smile:


Thanks for the tip - this was great!

Even less obtrusive, but still visible and “automated”, would be to use one of the CSS
"system colour" values, and the GrayText setting for disabled text works well for this:

.status-bar .deprecation-cop-status.text-warning {
  color: GrayText;

Works a treat (although apparently deprecated) (which provides a nice ironic touch when applied to the “deprecation cop” :smirk: ).


ty…! actually it really does bother… also I like the package thats the cause of this warning but I really can’t do anything about it so its useless