Deprecation of atom-slime package

About 8 months ago, I forked the atom-slime package as slima, due the lack of maintenance and an unwillingness to add maintainers. However, because atom-slime is the older package, new users assume that it’s the better package, then run into issues that have been fixed in slima. There’s a note in the readme in atom-slime’s master branch that slima is preferred; however, there hasn’t been a release since, so that note doesn’t appear on the packages page. Would it be possible to mark atom-slime as deprecated?

As far as I know, there is no way to formally deprecate an Atom package, see Apparently what people do is to put a deprecation notice in the title and/or README of the package, see

As you note, the author of that package has put a notice in the README on GitHub, but they don’t seem to have pushed this to I think the only thing you can do is to ask them to complete the “deprecation process” via apm publish. You can also mention to them that there is apm unpublish, though I’m not sure what exactly that does. Apart from that, you could stalk his issues :wink: and advertise your package to everyone who reports an issue, but I guess they could take issue with that.

I agree that it is strange that the author doesn’t want to add maintainers even though they don’t have time to maintain the package themselves…

Btw., this thread applies:

Thanks, that’s what I had found, but wanted ti see if I was missing something.