Deprecated APIs have been removed as of v0.206.0


See the blog post here:

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We’ll see how many complaints come in, but I think the preparation for this was good. Lots of discussion beforehand, announcements on slack and the relevant issues as well as on here.

And as far as I can see the response from package maintainers even before this early decommissioning of the deprecated APIs has been very impressive.

1.0 here we come.


Hi, I removed all deprecations from my package (, reported it here ( and it was removed from the list of deprecated packages. But after upgrading Atom, my package is not loading due to “using deprecated APIs. There is no update available”.

What is wrong? I fixed all deprecation warnings at the time.


You should still be able to load Atom with your package by using atom --include-deprecated-apis, so that then you can see which deprecated calls are still being detected.


Hi @batjko, thanks. I dit that, and there is no warnings of deprecated calls. Screenshot attached.

I’m using Atom 0.210.0 and gitignore-snippets 0.2.3.


I’m having trouble finding your package to install.

If there’s something off with the package info, this would be your culprit:


Thanks again @batjko. Well, I took a look at my package.json and couldn’t find anything suspicious. I really don’t know what I should search for.

Edit: due to a Discuss limit, I can no longer reply on this topic. So, here is my reply:

Re-publishing the package as a new patch did the trick! Thank you @batjko :relaxed:


I’d try re-publishing as a new patch, maybe the previous publish didn’t succeed properly?

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