Deploying Atom with pre-selected packages


We would like to distribute Atom internally to our developers with several packages pre-installed (including a package developed in-house).

Is this supported?

I see at least one other question regarding organization-level deployments, but it doesn’t mention pre-configured settings/packages.

A way to install aatom with pre-configured packages?

That depends on your definition of “support”.

  1. Support == A system already provided by the Atom team that makes this super easy to make a one-click installer kind of thing for what you’re describing
  2. Support == A way to build your own system that will achieve your goals

If your definition is #1, then no. If your definition is #2, then yes.

The way that I would do this is have people install Atom and then expand a Zip with a pre-packaged ~/.atom directory with the packages and settings you suggest as the default.


#2 works.

Is there a way to set up our own private packages repository so that our developers can use Atom’s built-in auto-update mechanism to obtain updates to our our internally-developed package?


Again … #2 but not #1:


If I type

 apm update --list

on the command line, I assume it makes API queries of this form to the server. If we wanted to host an internal package repository, I take it we should create a webserver that can respond in kind to those queries.

How would one instruct the apm command to additionally/instead query a different server (e.g. instead of


It would require a code change to the apm tool: