Deploy to GIT



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Is it possible for atom to auto deploy to git?


Please describe more about what you’re looking for. If the question is, “is it possible?” the answer is almost always, “Yes.” That’s not usually very helpful, though. We can be more helpful if you explain about what you hope to accomplish.



My Apologies.

So I was looking to see if atom can auto deploy my code etc direct to Git so I don’t have to do it separately in terminal, is that possible and how do I set it up?


Certainly. If you go to (Menu bar) -> Packages -> GitHub -> Toggle Git Tab, you will see a commit interface, and the arrows on the status bar below that are for pushing and pulling.


Okay, thank you. This makese sense now. The next question, i’m assuming your git folder you “Add a project folder” in Atom. How do you specify, the git settings to know which repo etc to push too? Sorry if this is silly just trying to get to grips with it.


Correct, Atom can recognize a repo if there’s a .git/ folder inside one of the folders you have added as project folders. Atom will push to the origin remote. If you have multiple remotes for your repository, I don’t think that Atom will let you choose between them.