Depending on Other Packages


Note that the issue @basarat was facing has since been resolved!


while I certainly like your npm module package-dependencies, how about getting this functionality in the core. This really should be in the core, package authors should not be required to npm install 3rd party packages just to get a possibility to specify atomPackageDependencies


Totally agree.

I raised this issue over at atom/apm already, and apparently there are similar issues in atom/core.

Since I’m not sure about the difference between “services” and “packages”, and I haven’t had much time lately to look at Atom stuff, this has gone by the wayside for me. Maybe it’s something to do with the “ServiceHub” class mentioned earlier in this thread.

Anyway, if you are interested @capaj, @joefitzgerald and anyone else, maybe we can get a little team together to do this with services.

Ping me back if you want to do this!


any updates on this? iI’m using atom 1.1 now and used the consumedServices thing with a “required”: true on the service but package only works well when i install dependencies manually :confused:


I am also wondering if this is already done or not ?

How can we tell atom to install only the dependencies ?


There currently is no support in Atom for a package to request installation of another package. A package can depend on a named and versioned “service”, but this does not force the installation of any packages.


For future visitors, we’ve created atom-package-deps and it’s pretty battle tested!


I’ve been using atom-package-dependencies, but it seems to be broken for me when using the beta version of Atom. I just get:

language-scala install failed. Output: 
/bin/sh: /Applications/Atom: No such file or directory

I guess your atom-package-deps is a better maintained replacement?


Yeah, it’s a better maintained and more fancy replacement (ie. it shows installation progress and notifications)


Awesome! I’ve already made the switch :slight_smile:


I also recently made the switch from atom-package-dependencies to Atom-Package-Deps. Aldo I preferred the way atom-package-dependencies used the same naming and property type convention in the package.json as all other package related properties, with (not yet implemented) version support. Atom-Package-Deps is just more solid and has a nice UI (configurable?) showing progress.


Apologies for letting atom-package-dependencies break, I just did not have time to maintain it, and figured an atom-core solution was just around the corner. I’m still surprised that this functionality is not in atom-core, but I guess they decided not to implement.

Cheers to @steelbrain for coming up with a replacement in the meantime!


I’m also pretty surprised this isn’t in core. What’s the reason against it? As someone who uses apt and pacman on a daily basis, this feels almost barbaric.