Deleting file from sidebar deleted entire project


While using Atom to work on a project, I selected a file from the sidebar, a log file that I did not want, and deleted it using the right-click menu. However, what occurred is that Atom deleted all the files in the directory, including the enclosing folder.

Using 0.73


Are you able to reproduce that bug?


@AbeEstrada I have a repro:

If you have the root project folder highlighted and you right-click to the left of a file (or in the space below all entries), you will be affecting the root project folder not the file upon whose row you clicked.


I think this is the problem. Trying to reproduce the issue, I found myself in this scenario (sorry, I was not allowed to post the screen shot inline).

When I right-clicked the file, the directory itself remained selected (it is selected upon startup when you open a project with Atom). I would have expected the right-click action to have unselected the directory.


@fonnesbeck Can you report this to the tree-view repository?


Right, forgot this was an add-on! Will do.