Deleted Github repository but did not unpublish package

These are the packages I would like to delete:

They were owned by my Github old account, which I had deleted, but forgot to unpublish the atom packages. Please help @thedaniel, @leedohm ?

Thank you

Should be taken care of @SomBoii :v:

Thank you so much for your time, but I still have a problem. So I created a new repository under my new account with the same name, but when I do apm publish patch this error comes up: Registering package in redrossa/language-pine repository failed: A package by that name already exists. Any suggestions @rsese ?

Sorry package names can’t be reused for security reasons, that’s why you’re getting the error - go ahead and email us at so we don’t lose track of this and I’ll bring it up with the other maintainers.

By the way, does apm support scoped packages like npm does? Are there plans to implement it?

I’ve emailed the problem on that specified email. Now I’m waiting for a response.

It doesn’t and there are no particular plans, this came up before and I asked the other maintainers about it /cc