Delete only one symbol?


Hello everyone!

I have this really annoying issue with deleting symbols in Atom. I am not really sure how to explain the problem.
For example, I have the next code:

while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) {
    print $row[0];

My tab length set to 3, so there is an extra space before print. My tab type is soft. When I press the delete button at the same row as the W in while, in the previous line, I get 3 spaces deleted instead of one. How do I change this behavior?


Did you put that there on purpose? Is that what you’re trying to delete? Atom automatically places tabs before spaces in leading whitespace, so if you press spacebar -> tab, you will get an output of \t\s. The single space is right before print and that’s where you should be trying to delete it.


Just understood that your code has 4 spaces and you want 3 so Scholar’s answer’s the good one.
Try find&seek 4x\space replace by 3x\space if your file is big

Original msg was sh there is no autoindent sorry for spamming