Delete known/remembered strings?



I did a script that needed me to write in a variable string a password for a website.
Now I would like to delete the fact that, when I start writing for example “pa”, it show and propose me to write the full “password”. It would be critical security flaw.

How can I achieve that (deleting the known and remembered names)?



How is that a critical security flaw when completion runs locally on your computer? Autocompletion indexes your document to offer completions. Afaik, the only thing you could do is disable the autocomplete-plus package, but that disables completions altogether.


If you’re talking about the default provider, it only indexes files that are currently open. Once you close the files containing the password or at worst close Atom and relaunch, it shouldn’t show the password again.

And as @idleberg pointed out, the indexing is all local and user-specific. So it isn’t going to show up for anyone else that doesn’t have access to your user session or is physically looking over your shoulder.


Is there a way to have it index all files in the project?


Not the built-in default provider, no. But you can write an autocomplete-plus provider that works however you want.