Delete gitgnore from search[solved]


when i have a git project with some file in gitgnore and i search a words in a gitgnore file, the search not found the word in file.
can i delete this option and check in all files?


It doesn’t look like that exists as a setting on the find-and-replace package.


i created an example folder,
here you can find the folder:

in folder “example” there is 2 files:
file1: “ciao”
file2: “ciao mondo”

i create a git project with file2 in gitignore.

if you search the word “ciao” in folder

the result is online file1


maybe I was wrong, when I search for a word (across the entire folder) that is in a file that is in the gitignore this word is not found in the folder


i found it
preference > core