Delete button stopped working in latest atom from git



In the past day or 2 my delete button has stopped working on Linux, I think since atom-keymap was upgraded to 0.20.0 and higher. core:delete still works but the key binding for ‘native!’ seems to be eating it before core:delete.


Just found an existing issue for this on atom-keypress repo: atom-keypress #27


Just created a pull-request to fix this issue. Hopefully should be fixed by end of today.


Thanks Jacob!


and thanks to @donmccurdy too


Ah nice, i just came to report this. I thought it might be a MBP issue (e.g. Fn+Backspace). Good job.


+1 on this, 0.97.0 on mac


Just pulled about 10 minutes ago and rebuilt and still getting the issue in Ubuntu


Having the issue in the version 0.97 as well, 0.96 had no such issue…


Same issue in 0.97 on OSX.


The fix has been merged in to atom-keymap. It’ll get packaged into the next version of atom-keymap and then that new version will get merged into Atom Core.


+1 same for me on 0.97 on mbp


This has been fixed in the latest version of Atom. Please update to v0.99 or later.

closed #14