Delete Built-in Packages


Every now and then, I go through a “speed up Atom” phase and delete a bunch of packages from Atom. The speed-up results are noticeable. However, there are some packages that are built-in to Atom but that I never use - a number of syntax modes, a bunch of themes, and some other stuff. They’re not able to be uninstalled; is there some reason these are hardwired into the editor? Is there some way to delete them?


You can always disable them.


Is simply disabling them in the Settings View not sufficient? When they are disabled they will not be loaded / activated.

The overhead of Atom having to go through a longer list of disabled packages when reading your config.json should be negligible (when nanoseconds start to matter while starting Atom I will be very happy).

If you really want to delete them you could try to remove them from Atom\resources\app\package.json in the packageDependencies section, and from Atom\resources\app\node_modules, but I have not tested if this works or if it has negative side effects.


Ok. I wasn’t aware that disabling them keeps packages from loading as well as keeping them from running. Thanks!