Delete a package?


Hey guys,

I published a package after some apm errors and it went considerably wrong, so I created a new repo, renamed my package and published.

This left me with a half–baked package under the old name still up on the package page. Is it possible to delete it? I haven’t found anything in the docs or here that lets me know how to do so.

Here’s the culprit:

~ Scott


I need to know how do this too! I uploaded a theme with an uppercase name and re-uploaded with a lower case name now both exist in parallel: and

Would be great to get help on this.


A good friend of mine @tombell just told me ‘apm unpublish [Package name here]’

Worked liked a charm!


@sunilchahal1 You misunderstood the question. apm unpublish is the correct method to remove a package from the package listing.