Delay for tab resizing after close


Hello! Today I was working on a project that is rather large and I had a lot of files open at the same time. Because of the high amount of tabs, the single tabs were shrinked to fit on the screen. At one point, I lost the overview and decided to close all tabs except for the one file I was currently working on.

When you close one tab, all remaining tabs immediately resize because there is more space available now. I don’t want to say that this is not a clever idea, but when you want to close many tabs you have to reposition your mouse after each tab because the “x” of next tab “sliding in” is at a new position.

Chrome found a clever workaround: It delays the resizing after you close a tab. This way the “x” of the next tab coming from the right is on the same position and you can just click again to close it too.

The issue isn’t as big when you use the mouswheel to close a tab, but even then I think the resize delay would come in handy. What do you think?

Greetings :slightly_smiling:


There is an open Issue for this:

You may want to subscribe there for updates.