Definitive list of possible package.json values



I don’t know if I’m completely missing something that’s under my nose, but I’ve clicked through a bunch of links on the getting started and docs page and cannot find a definitive list of possible attributes to put inside the package.json. I’m looking for things like enable/disable devtools, window size, enable/disable toolbar, etc. Is there a definitive list somewhere in the docs that I’m missing? Or is all of this managed through properties in the main.js file? And if it is, where is a list of those items?



These are the properties Electron reads from package.json:

  • main - path to the startup script of your app
  • version - app version
  • productName / name - app name
  • desktopName - path to app .desktop file (for Unity Launcher)
  • v8Flags - flags to pass to V8 on startup

Everything else is up to you.