Definition for rule 'react/require-extension' was not found. eslint(react/require-extension)

I start to learn the React Native, but I am faced with a problem. I didn’t try anything: and add a couple of lines to .eslint following a recommendation from github, while trying to understand what is written there, and again executed commands from the official site atom and even installed a local version of .eslint and removed the tick with Use global ESLint installation ( where I got the error Error while running ESLint: Failed to load config “airbnb-base” to extend from …, which I could not solve), but it did not budge. Tell me how to solve this problem both from the global and from the local version of ESLint. And yes, I’m new to this business, write the answer as detailed as possible !!!

This is not an Atom issue. You will probably have better luck asking in a forum frequented by people who use and develop ESLint.

The thing that jumps out to me is that you don’t say why you added a react/require-extension rule. What problem were you initially trying to solve that led you to that issue?