Defining a keymap for CTRL-D

II wonder if someone could spot where I’m going wrong.
I am trying to add a key with a single CTRL to delete a line.
if I put following in keymap.cson

  'ctrl-D': 'editor:delete-line'
  'ctrl-shift-D': 'editor:delete-line'

Ctrl-shift-D work whilst ctrl-D doesn’t
(Apologies if a duplicate!).

Ctrl+d seems like a combination that might easily be associated to another function. Check if ctrl-d is assigned to any other package or function using the keymap resolver (ctrl+.)

If that doesn’t work check if ctrl+d is used globally by your OS

Also is the keymap cson case sensitive by default? Maybe ctrl-d will do the trick?

This seems to be working for me:

  'ctrl-d': 'editor:delete-line'

You are right. It is case sensitive (changing to ctrl-d has done the trick).
What was fooling me was “ctrl-shift-D” was working, but maybe that was because shift-d is capital.