Default to Tree View on open


Every time I open Atom, the Tree View package is disabled and the side bar defaults to using File Tree.

I find File Tree to rather heavy and cumbersome, much rather prefer using Tree View.

Is there anyway to remove/disable File Tree? Or default to using Tree View upon open of editor?


Is this “File Tree” a package you installed?


No, I don’t think I installed it, it’s just the default file manager in Atom? Unless it was installed with another package?

The File Tree has Uncommitted Changes, Open Files, Folders collapsible sections, and requires you to Add Project Folder.

This is Tree View package I prefer


The tree-view package is the default directory viewer. Looking at your context menu, I can see that you have Nuclide installed, and Nuclide has its own file tree feature as can be seen in the screenshot at that link. So the answer would be in Nuclide.


@DamnedScholar you are right!

Looks like file-tree is part of Nuclide, if I disable that package then all is well :+1:


Thank you @DamnedScholar, disabling Nuclide has made things so much better :smile:


No problem. :slight_smile: