Default shortcut to close a window does not work in OSX 10.8.5


When starting Atom in OSX 10.8.5, it opens a new, blank file. I can cmd+w this file to close it, but the container window (the one with keyboard shortcut hints) remains there. This window cannot be closed by cmd+w, regardless of if other Atom windows are open or not.


⌘w closes the current buffer. Use ⇧⌘w to close the window.


That might make sense when there is a current buffer. With only a “window” open though, it should do as most other OSX applications do and just close the window…


+1. I’m evaluating Atom vs Sublime, and in the latter Cmd+W does what’s expected in this case. I would also like Cmd+W to simply close an empty window. I don’t see how the buffer vs window distinction in this case is helping me as a user. (TBH not even sure what the buffer is or why I should care about it.)


Just found a package that does this though - Fixed my immediate problem.


Thanks Jaanus !
This plugin indeed does fix the behavior. But still, needing a plugin for that is strange in my opinion.
Maybe it could be an option in the settings ?