Default Save Location?


I’m looking for a way to change the root location for saving. I had expected that Atom would use the Project Folder as the roof for file in that folder, but no; Atom ALWAYS goes to the very first folder I saved a file in.

Is there a way to override this or a setting I have missed?



Nobody has any ideas?


I guess the answer is no. A package could make it do what you want.


I had assumed I was seeing standard behavior. And that it would piss people off enough that it would be ‘fixed’ in some way. It seems not!

I’m new to Atom and newish to trying this form of programming.



I always go to the Tree View, navigate to the folder I want, and then add a file to that folder. This avoids the whole file selector dialog.


I can’t remember the last time I used the standard File > Save dialog. I just use the advanced-new-file package to name the file when I create it and then just save it.


I shall give that a whirl.



I really wish atom could provide a reasonable directory when I try to save my work! Behavior like that provided by Word, gedit, notepad, Libreoffice, sublime, pretty much everything. Whatever I saved in last time is the new default.


When you save a file in a blank Atom window, the directory that file is in is automatically added as a project folder. When you save additional files, Atom will assume that they’re going to the same place. For how Atom thinks about projects, this is very reasonable (and since Atom is Atom, its behavior will differ from Word/Libre/Notepad which don’t have any opinions about projects). To circumvent this, just add a new project folder for each additional place you intend to save files for a given Atom window. Once you have a project folder added for a particular directory, you can simply right-click on anywhere in the tree view and select New File to create a file in that specific folder and not have to deal with the Save As dialog at all.