Default Key bindings on Linux ... Again!


This issue has been discuSSed before. But I highlight this issue again because I would like to know the oficial reasons behind this decisions: Why the key bindings are not the same for Linux?.

The first time this caused some annoyed to me was during my first flight manual reading. Many keybindings were useless. Anyone coming from Linux stumbles with this.

And since I am a Emacs user, I though that precisely the default keybindings that resembles Emacs were the killer feature for trying Atom. Why is this true for Mac and not for Linux?.

Then tried different packages for emacs keybindings, but it didn’t went well.

What I really want is to experiment with the keybindings Atom developers designed for Mac (not the one provided by the Emacs package, but the default one). I want to understand by practice what the designers of Atom understand as a great text editor. Maybe a there is a package for this (instead of cmd key, maybe super, but carefully taking into account that super is used for many things in Ubuntu, Elementary and many others).

This is a design decision. I would like to know the rationale behind it. Reasons can convince people. I didn’t give Ubuntu/Unity a try until I read the reasoning behind the design decisions. And I’m now accustomed to it (I like it).

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