Dedication towards learning to Code?


So I’m having trouble with my attention on learning to code. I want to dedicate hours of my time a day to learn, but I just can’t. It’s too dry to learn all of this. I need to try a different approach but needing some of your help to get there. Should I just dedicate an hour a day, 5 days a week, kind of like school, to learn all of this? Because this is a self-paced learning (That’s what I’m doing, I’ll go to school later, not right now). As a hobby really. The thing that sucks, is I want to be at the level where I know a lot of coding, and just want to write code, and go from there. But the learning curve is killing me. Makes me not want to do this. Hence why I said, it’s all so dry learning all of this. Yet it’s odd that I still want to do this because it’s fun. But the learning is not.

Anyway, how did you learn to code? Was it actual college and/or school? Or self-paced? Should I just do an hour a day to learn, and just be patient and I’ll eventually get to the level some of you are at? Or how should I achieve this learning curve that seems to be SO hard right now?

Tips and advice, please!

Thanks for your time!


I’m pretty much entirely self-taught, based on projects I’ve taken on and research I’ve done purely because they interested me. I have taken classes, and I found learning about the relative efficiency of bubble sort algorithms to be beyond tedious. Since then, I’ve found that Python allows me to build things without getting bored, and new JavaScript frameworks give a ton of flexibility without requiring me to think much about debuggers or optimization.

Honestly, I think that the best way to learn to code is to get a clear idea of something you want to build and then figure out how to do it.