[Deckboard] Can't add new macros

Deckboard 1.4.1

Okay, so… the server recognizes my old setup, I can click to add new ones, the editor window pops up, just as is should… but it doesn’t save, I’ve tried to run it normally and in Administrator mode, but still refuses to save… though, when I tried to start it on an older version, I thought: “Maybe I have to update it”, so I did… and now I can only use it, not edit it or create new macros… I can make new boards… but not macros.

This is a forum for users of the code editor Atom and the Electron application framework. Deckboard Server is an Electron application, but the functionality specific to it isn’t something that those of us in the broader community are necessarily privy to. I would recommend asking at the Github repo.

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Going to go ahead and lock this since it’s not related to Atom.