Debugging React Native on Nuclide


Hi folks,

I’m trying to debug a React Native app on Nuclide. So, I do the following steps:

  1. Menu “Nuclide” -> “React Native” -> “Start Packager”

  2. Menu “Nuclide” -> “React Native” -> “Start Debugging”

  3. Menu “Nuclide” -> “Debugger” -> “Launch/Attach”

    Here is my problem. When the “Launch/Attach” window prompts, on the left side, I have a “connection” dropdown that only shows me one single option “local”. However, I need a “localhost” option. How can I activate a localhost option on that window?

Appreciate any help!


Nuclide is built by Facebook and has its own support locations. You may want to try asking there also.


Thank you @leedohm, I will check on Facebook.