Debugging facilities with PlatformIO on top of ATOM

I have some experience in coding desktop applications but new to Arduino and microcontroler development. I am looking for an IDE for microcontroler development multi platform . I am deeply attached to opensource and considering platformIO for multi board compatibility. They announce limited debugging capacities with ATOM here :
Can you bring light to this statement? I definitely need to have debug functions and be able to read the stack and heap.

I have no experience in using platformio-ide and it certainly looks like Atom lags behind VSCode in debug features.

If you prefer to use Atom for other matters then I just point out that you can run Atom and VSCode together in tandem, both working on the same project folder. See other threads on this hybrid approach.

There is an overlap in capabilities (perhaps some day this can be visualised) but when running Atom you can toggle into debugging features in VSCode. Best of both worlds.